Skateboarding is helping kids stay kids a little longer in Afghanistan

THE CROWDED AND OFTEN PERILOUS THOROUGHFARES OF KABUL, the capital city of Afghanistan, are no place for children. But still, between frequent car bombings and the ever-present hum of military helicopters overhead, the youth of Kabul flock to the city center, often forced to work long days alongside their elders to make ends meet. But for the lucky few there is a small refuge. Najib Safi is one of them, and he is getting ready to skateboard.

The 12-year-old boy puts on his protective gear and patiently waits his turn. Finally he jumps on his skateboard and rolls down a ramp in Kabul’s only skate park. His grey shalwar kameez, a traditional long shirt, flaps in the air as he whizzes past his friends, a wide smile on his face…

Read the entire article here.

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