“I Smoke Only to Feel Normal”

“I was the first woman to end up living here under this bridge. Before me, there were only male drug addicts here. I used to wear men’s clothes because of that, and everyone thought I was a man. Now there are some other women here, and that’s why I have started wearing women’s clothes again.

I try to do little jobs to be able to buy drugs. For example, I buy pipes for five Afghanis and sell them for 10. I spend all my days thinking about what to sell and who to sell to. Whatever money I manage to make, half of it I spend on drugs and the other half on food.

If I find something to eat in the morning, then there is nothing for the evening. If I find something for the evening, there is nothing for the morning. Every day I must smoke heroin at least twice, once after I have woken up and once when it starts getting dark. I haven’t smoked today yet. If I don’t smoke, my body hurts from head to toe. I smoke only to feel normal, to feel happy for a while. Do you mind if I smoke now? ”

Read the full article here. 

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