Violence breaks out in Afghanistan’s capital during a protest about a deadly bombing

At least five people were killed in the Afghan capital Friday when security forces opened fire on protesters calling for government accountability after a bomb blast this week killed at least 90 people, workers at the nonprofit Emergency Hospital and witnesses said.

The violence occurred as the protest in Kabul moved from the site of Wednesday’s bomb blast toward the presidential palace, according to media reports and witnesses. Although protesters were largely peaceful, witnesses said some were throwing rocks.

Among those killed was Mohammad Salem Izedyar, the son of Mohammad Alam Izedyar, the deputy speaker of the upper house of parliament. Izedyar was not immediately in a condition to comment on his son’s killing, his secretary said.

Ahmad Sayeedi, leader of the committee that organized the protest, said presidential palace guards, not police, started firing at the protesters. “The police only fired in the air,” he said.

Protester Muhammad Najib Rahman, 18, said he saw the confrontation between guards and demonstrators.

Read the entire story here.

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